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Oh, the places we’ll go

At certain points in our lives, we’re faced with 2, 3, 4, 5, 100 diverging paths that we can take, which will dictate our future. By choosing one, we inevitably pass by others. What’s been really difficult to me as I progress in my job search and get closer to having to decide between offers is not only the career path I want to take, but also the physical space in which I want to do it. In layman’s terms, I not only have almost no clue what I’m going to do, I also have absolutely no clue where I’m going to live. More importantly, which of my personal values will weigh outweigh others as I take this next step into job one?

Dr. Seuss says it best, as always. Oh, the places you’ll go! That’s an exciting phrase. Like me, you’ve probably heard a graduation speech themed around the concept. It’s inspiring…the idea that you can go anywhere and do anything. All you have to do…is go! Sounds soooooo simple.

Way to oversimplify thing, Dr. Seuss.



As we get older (and, by no means do I consider myself old), we tend to have more complex lives. There are variables that greatly impact our decision making. How we navigate life choices comes down to our personal values. At the moment, I am struggling between the following as I decide which first job to pursue:



Will I find a job close by to be near these important people?)



Will I hold out for my *DREAM* job no matter how long it takes?


Will I pass up an opportunity because it’s not offerring me enough financially?


Will I be completely selfish in making my decision?

Professional Development

Will I choose a job based on how it will challenge me regardless if it’s really what I want. 


Will I focus on the  reputation of the organization/institution?

These are just some of the value priorities that have flooded my consciousness lately. What is comes down to is…

Do you follow your head or your heart?

Balance Heart And Mind

There’s no surefire answer. Our head and heart are inextricably attached, so it’s no wonder that both our reason and desire impact our decisions, but I think that’s it’s important to acknowledge to which side of the seesaw you’re leaning within the context of a particular decision. It’s not to say that one is right or wrong. That’s not the case at all. Depending on the context, I think that either your “head voice” or your “heart voice” will be louder. Regardless of which voice prevails, the funny thing is that your head is always there to question whether or not you, in fact, made the right choice.

So, maybe Dr. Suess isn’t so far off with his simplistic tale. Regardless of the path we choose and which values you prioritize higher, we’ll all be off to great places as long as we get on our way.




Check out this article for more on the topic: Head vs. Heart: Which is smarter?


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